Premium Coaching


Been diagnosed with diabetes, or has it been suggested that you’re pre-diabetic? 

Feeling confused about what you should eat? 

Do you want to improve your blood glucose control?

  • 70% of my clients improve their blood glucose control, evidenced by improvements to their Hb1Ac results, within 4 months of our one to one consultation.


Experiencing digestive problems?  

Are irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms having a detrimental impact on your social life, confidence and body image?   

Are you forced to take time off work when symptoms are unmanageable?      

  • 75% of IBS suffers see improvements to their IBS symptoms when trialling a low-FODMAP diet with a registered dietitian.

Dietary Analysis

Are you concerned about the adequacy of your diet?  

Do you want confirmation that you’re meeting your full nutritional requirements?  

Are you worried that following a restricted diet or excluding food groups is creating a nutritional deficiency?  



Discuss your health goals with me… I offer a 10 minute complimentary telephone call prior to our virtual video consultation


Wellbeing Workshops

What are your employees’ poor eating habits costing your business?  

Do you have high levels of absenteeism?


  • One in six working people live with a long term condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, or a disability, but eating and living well can help support these and all workers to build and maintain healthier lives. We spend 60% of our time in the workplace, consuming at least a third of our food intake there.  I can support you to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Nutritional Screening Training

Do you manage a residential care home?   

Have you had a CQC inspection?  

How many of your newly admitted residents arrive with malnutrition?  

Are you providing adequate diets for all your residents? 

  • 35% of people (when initially admitted to residential care homes) are at medium or high risk of malnutrition, and are more likely to lose further weight during their residency (BAPEN 2015: Nutrition Screening Week (NSW) Care Home Report).