One to One Virtual Consultations

Location is not a barrier as virtual consultations are offered.

I offer a complimentary 10 minute telephone chat before an initial consultation, enabling me to gather the details needed and to ensure that I am the right health care professional for you. If you do decide to book a consultation, payment of the fee at the time of booking secures your space. I will ask you to complete and return (by email) a questionnaire and food diary before we meet, so that we spend our time 'in consultation' rather than 'in admin'.  

The initial consultation includes a review of your current diet, lifestyle and medical history. Using this information, I'm able to give individualised advice, and help you set your own realistic and achievable goals. Using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques, we'll work together... as two experimenters trying things out until we find what works. Review sessions are booked, dependant on your needs, with evidence showing that people can gain control of digestive health symptoms in 2 consultations.  

Initial telephone consultation (~10 minutes):  FREE 

Initial consultation (~60 minutes):  £110

This includes:
  • Diet Review: you'll be asked to keep a food/symptom diary, to be returned to me by email, so that I can analyse and research before our consultation. This method is far more effective than trying to remember what you have eaten.
  • Information Pack: you will be given information sheets to help guide you through diet changes.
  • Consultation Summary (with Action Plan): After our consultation, you will receive a comprehensive summary of our conversation, including an action plan with links to other relevant resources.
  • Email Support: when a review appointment is booked, you will receive unlimited email support between consultations offering guidance and support.

Review consultation (~60 minutes): £90

Review consultation (~30 minutes): £45

Follow up on telephone (~15 minutes): £20

FODMAP package (3 consultations & unlimited email/telephone support during elimination and reintroduction phase): £300    

  • 3 consultations with a trained FODMAP diet dietitian
  • FODMAP Information Pack:  including Kings College London FODMAP guides, FODMAP shopping lists, Kings College London app information and British Dietetic Association IBS diet sheet.
  • Email Support:  unlimited email support between consultations, which helps to avoid stress and worry when following a new diet. Evidence shows that when an individual is supported by a dietitian during a FODMAP diet trial, they are more likely to be successful.
To find out more about the FODMAP diet, click here.

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