Client Testimonials 

"Found session very helpful and reassuring. Useful tips and follow-up also very good. Would strongly recommend Elaine to anyone seeking sensible, comprehensible dietary advice."

May 2018

"I chose to contact you because the advice on your website made me feel treated as a person rather than a customer, and I felt confident that would receive get your professional advice on whether you were the right person to help me. During our initial phone conversation I really appreciated the time you took to explain things clearly, and I left understanding more about my treatment options than I have in a very long time."

March 2018

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Elaine. I have had stomach problems & weight loss for 2 years. Elaine put me on a full fat diet straight away due to my weight, & suggested I go to the doctors to see if I had a B12 deficiency. After blood tests, I found out I was low in folic acid. (can cause weight loss) I was put on 3 months of meds to build up folic acid. Happy to say I am now gaining weight & my stomach is a 100 times better. Without Elaine I don't know what I would have done. Many many thanks xxx"

May 2017

"Elaine had thoroughly read the information I had send as well as the emails outlining what I felt I needed. Really pleased with the outcome, money well spent."

February 2017

"Elaine was extremely helpful, clear, informative, reassuring and supportive on my recent diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. She offered a free short telephone consultation to make sure she would be able to help at the face-to-face private appointment. She answered follow-up questions by email, without further charge. I was very happy to see Elaine, and would certainly ask her for another appointment in the future, with any dietary issues."

February 2017

"I recently worked with Elaine on a Health television series that I was producing. We were filming a segment on vitamins and were put in touch with Elaine as a spokesperson by the BDA. She was a true wealth of knowledge on vitamins and nutrition, and really helped us create a valuable experiment for our show. Elaine was professional, punctual and added huge value to our project, going truly above and beyond in the information and work that she produced. I would not hesitate to work with Elaine again."

January 2017

"We did not have time to thank Elaine properly for this excellent eventinar - it was well presented, had the right pitch, pace and aids - and gave us a firm footing from which to handle diabetic dietary needs into the future. For several years, we had been confused at the apparently conflicting advice we were receiving from various health care professionals on dietary requirements. Elaine managed in a short session, not only to provide us with tools for the future, but a context through which to view the breadth of advice coming our way."  

December 2016

"Thanks so much, Elaine, for your extremely helpful consultation yesterday, and for following it up so quickly with the email summary. Thank you too for your clear and accessible explanations." 

November 2016